We provide design, manufacture and sale services of mechanical presses in our factory located in Bursa NOSAB Dökümcüler Sanayi Sitesi. Our products are manufactured with high precision by using the mechanical, electrical and electronic materials of the most preferred and best brand companies in the industry.


Our company, which has various eccentric and hydraulic presses with a pressing capacity from 40 tons to 1000 tons, as well as guillotine, press brake, lathe, welding machines in its machine park, also actively serves its customers in the molding department with its equipment such as teleresion, CNC sewing, milling and grinding.


In production enterprises, they undertake the task of combining the output products in accordance with a certain order and making them ready for use. The process of assembling and combining manufactured parts, materials and devices is called assembly.


We offer a range of high precision turning services designed. We emphasize our commitment to high quality processed products. The turning operations provided include cutting, facing, threading, shaping, drilling, knurling and drilling.


All kinds of cylinder, hole, surface, cup, centerless, grinding and tool sharpening works are carried out in accordance with the standards of special and standard cutting and drilling tools.

Wire Erosion

Bursa CNC wire erosion companies are the address of quality and correct service. CNC wire erosion companies satisfied the manufacturer with the innovations they added to the production sector and ensured that the needs of the consumers were responded quickly.

Quick Drilling and Threading

EDM Drilling Machine (EDM DRILL) is used more in industrial areas than other drilling processes and in situations where high technology is used and drilling with normal methods is very difficult or even impossible.

Plunging Erosion

Electroerosion Technology (Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), is a production method that enables the electrical discharge to be reached at the desired quality, where electric discharge is used to give the desired shape to the connected and electrically conductive workpiece in Turning, Milling benches.

Press Brake

The unfolding of the parts to be bent in the CNC, the back gauge positions, the bending sequences, the required stroke for bending angles, and the compatibility of the molds and the part to be bent are made automatically by the control unit, provided that the material information is defined.